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Water Damage Carpet Cleaning Case Study

How to Do Water Damage Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

This is en example of how we do water damage carpet cleaning in Brisbane. We will explore how exactly we dry out the water damage. See the video above for a summary of this article. Please also view the video below:

Cause of the damage

The cause of the damage was a burst pipe near the hot water system.

Resultant Damage


Prochem Legend Extraction Machine. This is the First truck-mount my dad purchased in 2003 while I was still in School. This is perfect for extracting large amounts of water from a commercial premises such as this one.

There was approximately 6 inches deep of water in the lower level of the building. Approximately 10 000 Litres of water was extracted.

How we Extracted the Water Damage from the carpet

First it was important to have an electrical professional check over the property to deem it safe. We had 4 water extraction units running. We used both Electric and truck-mount machines to extract the water damage carpet in the premises.

Drying Out the Water Damage

We installed 49 air movers and 15 dehumidifiers to remove the 2000 Litres of bound water in the structural building components. We also had yellow hoses directed into the wall cavities to dry out the water damage.


The complete drying time for the project was about 8 days. The client was extremely happy as the property was dried down so there is no risk for future mould growth.

Equipment Used in This video


Direct It In Cavity Drying by Injectidry


Velo Air Mover by Dri Eaz Products


Ninja Portable Extractor


R200 Pheonix Dehumidifier

If you have water damage carpet in Brisbane, be sure to give us a call as we can provide a 24 / 7 response with a 2 hour response time to your emergency. Be sure to call us on 1300 346 988.

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